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Wild and Woolly Reading Series

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Have you picked out your costumes for Halloween?  Will you be a witch or a goblin? Max or Angelina Ballerina? Edward Cullen or Hannah Montana? Stephen Colbert or Christine O'Donnell?

Well, once you've pulled off the make-up, put away that wig, and thrown that plastic mask back in the closet, come join us at The Inkwell for some playmaking!

Or you could bring your costume along... we don't care.  As long as you join us for our 2010 Inkreading Series at Woolly Mammoth, November 1st through 14th.

We are so excited about this next phase of collaboration with some of our favorite playwrights.  We met four of them last year at the 2009 Inkubator Festival.  We loved them and their plays, which are just about as cracktastic as they come.

They're bringing you a road trip to Canada, which includes a side trip through Last of the Mohicans... time travel between 1840s California and 1990s California with some greedy little ducks along for the ride... a journey to the imagined land of Arbythnia, with mailmen as your guide...and those are just three of the six plays we will be introducing to you.

What exactly are we doing to these writers and with these plays? Well, for our Inkreadings, we're bringing three playwrights into town for intensive rehearsals with some of our favorite directors, dramaturgs, and actors. Everyone gets a chance to play in the room, figuring out the inner workings of the plays and hopefully helping the playwrights along with a brand-spanking-new draft that will be read publicly at Woolly Mammoth.

We're also presenting another of our showcase readings, featuring 20-minute excerpts from another three plays selected from our 2010 national call for submissions.

We'll be telling you more about these plays and collaborations in the weeks to come, but here's a quicky description of our upcoming events.

By the by, stay tuned here for more on our last showcase, which was a smashing success.  We filled the South Atrium Foyer at The Kennedy Center.  We were told it was the most popular event at the Page to Stage Festival that wasn't on the Millennium Stage.


2010 Inkreading Series at Woolly Mammoth
November 1st through 14th

three developmental readings, one showcase of excerpts
six imaginative, inventive, and inspiring plays

An Inkreading of Beautiful Province (Belle Province) by Clarence Coo
November 1st at 8 p.m. at the Woolly Mammoth Rehearsal Hall
Directed by Randy Baker
Dramaturged by Meghan Long

Unexpectedly fired from his job, a high school French teacher takes off with a shy young man in search of the most beautiful province, a journey that leads them through the idiosyncrasies of language, of love and sex, to the place where they can face their fears, their fantasies, and the future.

We presented an excerpt of Beautiful Province at our Edge of Words Showcase Reading last year.  The draft of the play we read was entirely different than the one we saw at the showcase.  We loved this play the minute we read the scenes in an airport with dialogue mimicking what you'd hear on a language learning tape.  A whole new theme around Last of the Mohicans showed up in the new draft, so we can't wait to see what Clarence has in store for us now.

An InkReading of Clementine and the Cyber Ducks by Krista Knight
November 6th at 8 p.m. at the Woolly Mammoth Rehearsal Hall
Directed by Shirley Serotsky
Dramaturged by Laura Esti Miller

Two eras built on lust and money — the California gold rush and the Silicon Valley tech boom — collide when Clementine, a prospector and daughter of a miner-49er, falls hard for a tech geek with dreams of striking it rich with an Internet search engine.  But to whom will Clementine be lost and gone forever – her father, her lover, or both?  The choice is sure hard to make with conniving, greedy ducks egging you on….

Ducks, people! This play has ducks that are hungry for moolah and mayhem.  They sit in a bathtub that represents a river, where they are panning for gold... and securities.  The draft we received from Krista had little cartoons of ducks in it, along with crazy fonts that indicate the change in language and time between the Gold Rush and the Dot Com bubble.  Beyond such wonderful silliness, the play tells a beautiful story of a girl caught between her father, her lover, and dreams of riches.  We presented an excerpt of the play at another of our showcases.  We didn't get to meet Krista in person then, so we're thrilled that she's going to be in the rehearsal room for three days with us.

Playwright Showcase: Migrations and Miracles
Featuring excerpts from Great Eastern, You for Me for You, The Ordained Smile of Saint Sadie Mae Jenkins
November 13th at 3 p.m. at the Woolly Mammoth Classroom
Directed by Amber Jackson
Dramaturged by Anne M. McCaw

Put your seatbelt on as The Inkwell takes you on a series of strange and wondrous journeys of the mind, heart, and soul with 20-minute excerpts from three plays selected from our most recent call for submissions.  Great Eastern by Anna Moench explores the mysterious journey of the cicada.  Mia Chung's You For Me For You presents a perilous escape from and return to a repressive regime. and Reginald Edmund's The Ordained Smile of Saint Sadie Mae Jenkins takes us on that ultimate journey through fear and toward redemption. These are trips you won’t soon forget.

We're delighted to reintroduce Anne Moench to Washington, DC.  We presented an excerpt from her play The Pillow Book last year, and Anna was kind enough to write a little playlet for our blog, featuring me (your fearless blogger and dramaturg...I really hope I'm not that scary.)  The play you'll be seeing a piece of is totally different, which makes her a very exciting writer for us.

We're also stoked to show you work from Mia and from Reginald, both with surprising imagery and language.  Since I'm dramaturging this showcase, you'll be hearing more from me about these three plays.

An Inkreading of Monument by Doug Dolcino
November 14th at 3 p.m. at the Woolly Mammoth Classroom
Directed by Jessica Burgess
Dramaturged by Jenn Book Haselswerdt

Woe! Woe to the House of Liebert! Nothing escapes the ever-vigilant gaze of the mailmen of Arbythnia - certainly not the crippling stagnation of Herman Liebert, Civil Engineer. Can Liebert complete the commissioned monument for the people of Tarzania while plagues plague the populace, while minefields undermine momentum, while packages stand unpacked and missives sit missed? This Civil Engineer is Civilization’s only hope – woe unto us all

So this play opens with a chorus of mailmen bemoaning the state of affairs at the Leibert household.  Cool, huh?  You find a few scenes into the play that Leibert's family is so disgusted with him that they actually change identity.  They don't just assume new names, but change their way of being and relationships with one another.  And then there's a really amazing marching sequence in the middle of the play when the whole family is transported to another imaginary country.  Wow.  You gotta see this thing...we were blown away when we read this play and then couldn't wait to work with Doug again after we presented an excerpt at our Edge of Words Showcase Reading.

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