Kisses and Wishes for 2011

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Is it February already?! Is it too late to wish you intrepid readers a Happy New Year?!

What about an early Valentine’s Day present instead?

The Inkwell
has a lot to share with great love, affection, and pride, including...

... the opportunity to build the master class series of your dreams... upcoming production of a play that The Inkwell found and helped develop... and

...dozens of raw, new plays to share with you throughout the year!

So here's what we've got to warm the cockles of your heart... all the way to Spring!


The entire Inkwell team is donning sparkly fairy godmother wings and pulling out our magic wands (on loan from the props department of Imagination Stage) to fulfill your heart’s secret desires for innovative, affordable classes for playwrights, playmakers, and playgoers!

That’s right. We want to bring America’s most inspiring artists to teach you what you want to learn.

So all you have to do is wish… and fill out our online class survey describing the class of your dreams.

As the resource for new play development, we are committed to giving playwrights, playmakers, and playgoers in our nation’s capital the tools to make bold, compelling new plays. We’ve held some incredible master classes in the past several years with Liz Duffy Adams, Wendy McClellan, Gary Garrison, and Michael Bigelow Dixon.

Now we’d like to know what tools you’d like to add to your toolkit. We also want to know who your current playwright and playmaking heroes are. And we’d love to do whatever we can to make your dream class a possibility.

So wish away for that master class you’ve always wanted to take… and tell us all about it through our class survey.


We are so proud that Julie Taiwo Oni’s beautiful play about twin sisters (one black and one white) coming of age on the tether ball court is receiving its premiere production right here in the Washington, DC area.

Doorway Arts Ensemble is presenting a full production of Tether as part of Montgomery College Silver Spring Arts Alive Theatre Series from February 18th through March 13th.

The production team is chock full of some of The Inkwell’s favorite playmakers. Jessica Lefkow is the director (she previously directed the Inkubator Production of Melissa Blackall’s The F Word) and Jenn Book Haselwerdt is the dramaturg, who has whipped many a play and playwright into shape for The Inkwell (check out her last blog entry on her experience with Doug Dolcino’s Monument). And Gwen Grastorf, a favorite actor of ours, plays Lach, one of the pair of twins. She was last seen in The Inkwell’s Miracles and Migrations showcase at Woolly Mammoth Theatre.

You’ll be hearing more about this play and the process for taking it to production in the coming weeks. We loved working with Julie during The Inkwell's 2009 Inkubator Festival and we’re just so excited that Doorway Arts Ensemble is showing Tether off to the world.


The Inkwell is excited to present to you more of the daring, imaginative, and provocative plays we have found through our open calls for submissions.  We've got two reading series at Woolly Mammoth Theatre lined up this Winter and Spring, and we can't wait to see you there.

On February 26th at 8:00 p.m., we'll present an Inkreading of Henry Murray's Monkey Adored, a truly wild adventure following the lives of Sonny Bonobo, Madeline Kahn, James Rat, and Brown Spot, among other animals on the edge. We're so glad to bring Henry back into town to explore his play about animal love, lust, and experimentation.  We first met him in 2009 when we presented an excerpt of Monkey Adored at The Kennedy Center's Page to Stage Festival. (Take a look at what he wrote about the process for Inkblog!)

On March 5th at 8:00 p.m., we'll offer you another sampling of excerpts from three plays we discovered through our 2010 open call for submissions.  This showcase reading features snippets Tiffany Antone's Twigs and Bone, Katherine Sherman's Cassandra, and Steve Mould's The Body.  There's a lot of imaginative material in these plays... an exploding house, a baby made of twigs, a photophobic, adolescent prophet... we think you'll have fun.

On May 28th at 8:00 p.m., we're presenting an Inkreading of Rebecca Bossen's  Blue Straggler, a play about love, loss, and the idiosyncrasies of stars.  Rebecca is a local writer and we're so glad to be working with her again after showcasing an excerpt of her play at the 2010 Page to Stage Festival at The Kennedy Center.  (Rebecca also wrote about her experience with us for Inkblog!)

Then on June 4th at 8:00 p.m., we've got another showcase featuring three more plays we found through the 2010 call for submissions.  They are Kit Idaszak's Fugue (A Particle Accelerator), Jonathan Goldberg's Deus Machina Ex or Eleanor Roosevelt versus the God Machine, and J. Stephen Brantley's Furbelow.  At this showcase reading you'll meet Schroedinger's Cat, the indomitable Eleanor Roosevelt, a vinedresser and a lacemaker, among other unforgettable characters.

There's much more to share with your from our full hearts, including more on our last Inkreading Series plans we are cooking up for the Summer and Fall.  Stay tuned!

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