Meet Randy Baker, playwright: Forgotten Kingdoms

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Sunday, May 20 at 5 p.m., The Inkwell will present a SHOWCASE READING of three new plays. Join us for MAROONED AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, and dive deep into worlds where the water keeps rising, threatening to engulf people set adrift by their own lives and choices. 

Sunday, May 20 at 5 p.m.
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company Classroom
641 D Street NW
Admission is free 

DC-based playwright, director and teacher RANDY BAKER will present an excerpt from his latest draft of Forgotten Kingdoms. Read on to learn more about Randy and his work!


Forgotten Kingdoms

Two men at the end of a jetty - a Christian missionary and the Muslim son of an Indonesian chief - find themselves drowning in an abyss of uncertainty in a harrowing instant that brings an unfathomable mystery to the surface.  

"I looked up at the sky before I started to sink. There were no stars. You know how it is sometimes when it's real late. That time of night when the stars have moved on. And so I started to sink. Slowly beneath the surface into the salty silky black. And as I fell I kept my eyes open. I don't know maybe I thought I would see him there, my son, falling with me. But I didn't seem him, I only found the missing stars. There. Underwater with me. All around and streaming behind me as I fell." - David in Forgotten Kingdoms 

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RANDY BAKER is the co-Artistic Director of Rorschach Theatre and with Jenny McConnell Frederick founded the company in the summer of 1999. Plays he has written and had produced at Rorschach Theatre include the full-length plays Dream Sailors and After the Flood and the short plays, Paolo and Francesca, Beit Jala, and Crunch. Other produced plays include the full length plays Circus of Fallen Angels at the National Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts and the short plays The Rabbit and The Snake andCassandra Dances with the Devil at Source Theatre; A Lonely Dictator on the Eve of Revolution at Forum Theatre, The Boy Who Knew No Fear at Three Leaches Theatre (Colorado), Sam the Prophet, Veronica's Omelet andThe Wind at Their Backs at Extreme Exchange and The Ballad of Saint Valentine at the Washington Theatre Festival. Readings and workshops include Forgotten Kingdoms at National New Play Network, The Inkwell, The Arts Club of Washington and Wordsmyth Theater (Houston), The Burning Road at Primary Stages, The First Disobedience at American University and Rorschach Theatre, Gilgamesh at Rorschach Theatre and Vox at Theater Alliance. He has been commissioned to write a play for George Washington University that will be produced in 2013 and is currently developing the plays Forgotten Kingdoms, The Burning Road, and The First Disobedience. As a director, he has staged productions at Rorschach Theatre, Source Theatre, The Inkwell, First Draft, Young Playwrights Theatre, NCDA's Actors Repertory Theatre, First Draft, Wayward Theatre, Cherry Red Productions, Theater J, Woolly Mammoth's Playground series, The Seattle Fringe Festival and the Washington Theater Festival.

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